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The HST methodology of the Hair Science Institute of dr GHO

The Dutch researcher and physician p.h.d. Dr. Coen Gho has developed the partial transplantation of hair stem cells HST (Hair Stem cell Transplantation). This is due to extensive laboratory research that has been the subject of numerous scientific publications in prestigious journals.

The HST procedure also called PL FUT ( Partial Longitudin l Follicolar Unit Extraction) consists in the partial withdrawal of a part of a hair bulb located in the donor zone, that area of the head that is in the back of the same and that contains those hair bulbs that are not sensitive to the action of testosterone, which instead is the cause of the fall of the hair bulbs of the upper area of the head.

A hair transplant methodology consolidated over time and confirmed by the results

It has been proven, and over 20,000 interventions performed in different Hair Science Clinics in various countries of the world attest, that the separation in two parts of the hair bulb, one that remains in the donor area and one that is transplanted in the receiving area, subsequently originates the regrowth at the two sites of hair having the same characteristics as that of origin.

Hair Multiplication in the World’s Best Hair Transplantation Methodology

This phenomenon clearly shows how, through this surgical procedure, the number of hair bulbs and therefore of hair on the patient’s head multiplies, unlike all other self-transplantation methodologies, the FUT or Strip or the FUE which only redistribute on the head the capital of bulbs held by the patient in the donor zone.
This is clearly the limit of the existing and commonly practiced autotransplantation procedures: they have no other way than to redistribute the existing bulbs with an obvious limit when the area to be treated is vast, as it happens from case number 5 on the so-called Norwood scale.

The Only Hair Transplant Methodology That Is Decisive For Very Extensive Baldness

It is therefore very clear that the multiplication of hair bulbs generated by the HST procedure makes it possible to offer patients with very large baldness, the possibility of gradually covering the area of alopecia which is impossible to deal with all the other so-called redistribution techniques of the existing one.

HST considered by patients the best hair transplant technique in the world

This fundamental concept that offers so unique results to patients eager to get a beautiful hair again is without a doubt the procedure of multiplication or cloning of first-generation hair in the world with the promise of unlimited supply of hair from the donor area and applicable to men and women suffering from hair loss and baldness.

The other advantages of the HST hair transplantation methodology

The HST methodology also has other exceptionally positive aspects besides that of producing a multiplication of the hair bulbs of the patient. The first positive aspect is to intervene with extremely tiny samples, with needles of 0.5 – 0.6 millimetres.

This means that the engraving of withdrawal is about 33 percent lower than the smallest of the withdrawals made with other methodologies. In fact, it is clear from the public statement that the most minute samples taken today using the FUE methodology are in the order of 0.8 mm. The fact of making an incision and then a transplant of such a small size has two main consequences: the first is that there is practically no bleeding and that the healing of these very small wounds takes place within a few days.

The second is that the hair implantation in the receiving area occurs with a high proximity of one hair to another, resulting in a high density and naturalness of appearance. All these particularities and characteristics mean that this method of transplantation is considered the most performing in the world and without common preferred measure when the patient has the opportunity to know its incomparable characteristics.

The world’s best hair transplant methodology discussed in forums

The hair transplantation with stem cells of Dr.Gho and sometimes referred to as HST or hair stem cell transplantation, has always been one of the most debated topics in the most popular Anglo-Saxon forums, such as the forum on hair multiplication of HairSite, one of the most important forums for the number of members and the longest in the world for discussions on hair multiplication.

For those not familiar with the term “hair multiplication” or “hair cloning”, it is basically the idea of using a person’s hair stem cells in order to generate an unlimited supply of hair for the treatment of hair loss or thinning in men and women. It is a kind of cell therapy for hair loss and could be the cure for all types of baldness.

The multiplication of hair, terminology coined by Dr GHO

Dr Gho was the first doctor who became extremely famous in the world of hair transplantation. His first research on hair multiplication dates from the late 1990s and early 2000s. And it is right to remember that it was Dr Coen Gho who first coined the term “hair multiplication”.

In the beginning, Dr Gho’s research on hair multiplication had encountered several obstacles and his efforts did not materialize in the cure for baldness that everyone had hoped. Despite early setbacks for stem cell treatment for hair loss, Dr. Gho’s research and experience have gradually evolved into what is now known as Hairstemcell Transplantation, a registered trademark of the Hair Science Institute of Dr. Gho and that make it today internationally the most advanced hair transplant method that makes it considered the best in the world.

More than a hair transplant, it should be called “Hair Multiplication”

According to the words of Dr. Gho, founder of the Hair Science Institute, the “HaarStamcel Transplantatie, which is a procedure developed and patented by the Hair Science Institute, does not involve hair transplantation but rather the multiplication of hair. In HaarStamcel Transplantatie, your hair produces new hair. No scars, no pain, no long recovery periods.

Some of the statements made by Dr Coen Gho about his Hairstemcell transplant are (excerpts from www.hasci-italia.it website ):

  • only a part of the follicle (some hair stem cells, also called “grafting”) is needed to grow one or more new hair.
  • Unlike all other methods, with HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplantation) the donor area keeps practically intact all its hair density since it is regenerated periodically after each series of withdrawals. In fact, the donor area is undamaged.
  • Treatment can be repeated several times if desired. This is the most significant difference between the HST method and traditional hair transplant techniques: with HST only a small part of the hair follicle is removed, leaving most of it in the donor area where it will produce a new hair. This preserves the donor area for future treatments, which is why this technique should actually be called hair multiplication, rather than transplantation.
  • The greatest strength of this new technique is the regeneration of the donor area so that there are unlimited donor follicles available for the patient.
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