Getting your hair back and multiplying, it is priceless …

For a detailed quote we recommend a personal consultation.






The most frequently asked question is: how much does a hair transplant cost? During a consultation, we will discuss your personal treatment plan and all necessary details. Together with your doctor or technician, we will review your current situation, the extent of your hair loss, your family history and the available donor area. Age, wishes and expectations will also be taken into consideration. Based on all this information, your doctor can give you an indication of the cost of your personalised procedure.

The cost of an HST hair stemcell transplantation in one of our exclusive Hairs science Clinics, is influenced by various factors.


    • The procedure is performed by a specialized medical team (doctor and nurses) certified after being trained by the Hair Science Academy, inventors and holders of the HST patent.
    • HST is a patented and exclusive technic, the most advanced in the world, and the only one able to generate hair moltiplication through partial transplantation of hair stemcells.
    • Depending on the nature and Norwood classification of the patient’s baldness and also by his eventual previous treatments made with commun technics, the time required to complete the procedure can be  enormously variable and it can only be determined case by case.


Patients must be aware that HST technic and his cost  is not comparable with the FUT and FUE technics as they perform totally in a different way.


So it is useless to compare costs.
You are not comparing the same things.

Be aware that with HST we can treat scars and burns,
without any marks, any gaps or voids
and no bandage is needed.




Discover the tailor-made solution


Advice can be very useful for both you and us. You will discover the technique, receive personal advice and have the opportunity to ask questions. Together with your doctor, you can discuss your options, wishes and expectations in detail. An individual treatment plan will then be developed specifically for your specific situation.


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