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Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

HST hair stem cell transplantation, patented, is the most advanced technique in the world.

By in-vivo cloning (like cuttings for plants)

it multiplies the follicular units by 2, while the donor area regrows.


  • What do you wish?
  • History of your hair loss
  • Medical background
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What do you wish?

Can we shave your hair for the procedure?

History of your hair loss

Do you have scars/other skin/scalp problems?

Do you have in the family history (maternal grandfather) hair loss?

Are you taking medications for hair loss?

Have you had hair transplants?

Medical background

Are you taking blood thinners?

Do you suffer from anesthetic allergies (to anesthesia)?

Personal information


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HST Comparaison with other Hair transplantation techniques

HST multiplies the partially extracted follicular units by 2.

HST allows regrowth of the donor area.

Procedure can be repeated many times if necessary, Without diminishing the donor.

No Bandages.

No Scars.

This Patient has an intact donor area, because he has never undergone a hair transplantation.

9 months after the first HST procedure, the donor area will regenerate, as before the procedure.

9 months after the 2nd HST procedure, the donor area is regenerated, as before the procedure.

9 months after the 3rd HST procedure, the donor area is regenerated, as before the procedure.

9 months after the 4th HST procedure, the donor area is regenerated, as before the procedure.

9 months after the 5th HST procedure, the donor area is regenerated, as before the procedure.



FUE / DHI / Sapphire / Robotic / etc. (all this are FUE)

No donor regrowth, a quantity of small scars and voids are generated.

The harvesting of the donor area makes it depleted, and fibrosis may appear.

It’s painful to heal and requires a bandage for many days.


FUT is very painful,

as a strip of skin is surgically removed from the patient’s skull

and a long and visible scar is the consequence of this intervention.


Some exemples.

This patient required the restoration of his frontal area which was carried out with 1600 grafts, giving a satisfactory result thanks to this curly hair.

HST (Hair Stemcell Transplantation) also called PL-FUT . This innovative and patented technique, resulting from the research of the Dutch Conradus Chosal Gho, consists of a partial extraction of the hair bulb. Specially designed surgical instruments measuring 0.5/0.6 millimeters are utilised. The partial extraction contains only a minimum quantity of tissue: the stem cells that will generate the regrowth are exposed and present both in the partially extracted part as well in the part remaining in the epidermis.

This patient had a correct donor area. He needed to reconstitute the front line and gulfs. The result is quite satisfactory with only 1600 grafts in 1 procedure. And its donor area is regenerated.

This patient required restoration of the frontal area. As with all women, we proceed without shaving, which limits the number of possible extractions. The case in question was resolved with 1015 Grafts.

This patient started from a Norwood 4-5 case. Thanks to a very good donor area and the fact of never having performed a transplant before, it has been possible to implant 2443 grafts in 1 intervention.

This patient needed to reconstruct the frontal area. 1800 grafts were taken from his donor area in 1 intervention who has been regenerated.


Thanks HST I would like to express my satisfaction with the HST (Hair Stemcell Transplantation) technique. I am delighted to see that my donor area has not been diminished as it would have been with other hair transplant techniques. The result is extremely natural and I am ready to repeat this transplant to further increase hair density.”

Luigi Toledo

Miracle technique After the consultation, I was able to appreciate the big difference compared to other techniques: instead of taking and moving the follicular units from the donor area to the recipient area, Hasci Italia regenerates the donor area and clones all the units in vivo follicular cells during transplantation. The operation took place over an entire day in September 2021, during which I did not suffer, and I went out in the evening without a dressing. My donor area was slightly red and not bleeding. I must say that I am really satisfied with having chosen the HST technique, and I will book a second transplant to complete my hair restoration project, since my capital of donor follicular units has regenerated as before the transplant.

Anthony Dubois

The cost of procedure called HST “Hair Stem Cell Transplantation” is not predetermined. This operation is unique in the world and has nothing to do with FUT or FUE like any other clinic offers. If your comparison parameter is price, then this is not the intervention for you.
A quote will be prepared following a specialist visit.

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