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The patient undergoing a hair transplant wants his own to be a super-lative transplant. His desire is for grafting to be done using the most exclusive and exclusive technique. The best clinic for this patient is the one that needs to be transplanted to.
He instructs himself to locate a spot with the right characteristics, as marketing promises are insufficient, he demands concrete and proven evidence. Crucial are the clinic and surgeon’s choice and their selection.
migliore clinica trapianto capelli
There are plenty of offers on the market:

This type of patient is looking for the most proprietary regenerative medicine transplantation techniques. These techniques offer the most satisfying outcomes to resolve the most challenging and complex situations when traditional methods are not an option and when the solution is not found. Furthermore, this type of patient is also looking for the most natural results possible.

In Switzerland, the HST capillary stem cell transplantation technique is the best technique in regenerative medicine . Cloning in vivo involves the generation of hair multiplication through partial samples of follicular units through partial samples of follicular units. The donor zone is also regenerated the way it was before the procedure.

This HST technique is only used in Hair Science Clinics in the most important European cities. Clinique de la Source is a prestigious and well-respected clinic located inside the Hair Science clinic in Lausanne, which utilizes the exceptional HST transplantation technique. The patient needs to strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions during the post-operative period to achieve a superior transplantation outcome.

il miglior trapianto capelli
clinica per il trapianto capelli

The best hair transplantation

A consultation with the medical team is necessary for the patient to have a complete understanding of their situation, which is crucial for defining a hair restoration project.
The patient should make a choice by excluding having a surgical procedure with techniques that cannot achieve a complete restoration. The donor area’s lack of sufficient capital of follicular units is the reason for this.

Hair transplant clinic

The choice of the clinic is the first step when you want to get an exceptional hair transplant. There are a multitude of transplant clinics worldwide, and it is immense. However, the clinics are not equal. All clinical centres must maintain high standards of hygiene and quality.
It must also be determined whether the clinic is following ISO certification procedures. If you are selecting a clinic abroad, it is essential to ensure that the patient’s native speaking staff can aid. All such points must be checked with the clinic.

Who carries out the hair transplant?

Don’t neglect the information regarding the person who will perform the transplant. It is necessary for a doctor to be present at both the clinic and block. Make sure the doctor is medically qualified and specialized in micro-surgery. Hair transplant expert is a term used by clinics to refer to nurses and technicians who perform hair transplantation. This could conceal the lack of a genuine physician at the clinic who can handle any emergency situations. To obtain the best possible hair transplant, the doctor must open channels that will receive the grafts during the operation.

Hair transplant techniques

There are two main techniques that are commonly used. FUT (also known as Strip) is less and less used today for the risks it can run to the patient (it is a real invasive surgery). The donor area is left with a large scar due to the scar it leaves.
FUE is a better method than FUT that involves collecting entire follicular units and moving them into the recipient area in a single collection. Shaving your head before surgery is advised for a good transplant. However, not all people want to shave completely and the transplant without shaving allows the use of only about 1500 follicular units. In foreign countries, FUE surgery is a common procedure that involves removing up to 5000 follicular units during the operation. This poses a danger because the scalp’s injury count is excessive and could result in fibrosis or necrosis.

The situation of each patient is unique

Preparing for hair transplantation requires a thorough examination by a specialist to determine the causes that caused alopecia.

The patient’s alopecia must be stabilized before they can undergo a hair transplant, which is why the fall occurred. Alopecia Areata is not included in this. androgenic alopecia is treatable with grafting, even with scars and burns, without reconstruction of cosmetic surgery.
The type of hair loss needs to be analysed before the procedure to determine if the hair loss is permanent or in remission or progressing. If the hair graft takes place during hair loss, as the hair continues to fall, additional intervention may be required.

The period post-operative

For the hair graft to give a great result, the operation is not the only factor. The success of the transplant is greatly impacted by the post-operative period.

One should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions during the period after hair transplantation. Shocks, bruising and loss of transplanted follicular units should be avoided. Avoid sun exposure, physical activity, use prescribed medications, sleep properly for the first 5 days, and cut hair carefully for the first few months.

How to Identify the Best Hair Transplant

What are the factors for a hair transplant to be the best. You can get the best possible hair transplant according to your case, by choosing who will perform the operation and where to perform it.

To obtain the best result of a hair transplant the doctor’s indications must be respected. The result of the operation depends not only on the day of the operation, but also on how one behaves in the following months and during the postoperative period.

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