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Your hair will grow back using the HST method


Beautiful hair is not something many people are fortunate enough to have. The quality of life of someone can be negatively impacted by their baldness. Baldness or alopecia can affect us, regardless of our gender. Regaining your hair can be achieved effectively through the HST method.

The HST technic

The HST method is employed for transplanting hair stem cells. It has extra benefits compared to conventional hair transplants. In vivo hair stem cell cloning is accomplished by generating capillary multiplication in the patient. Hair Stem Cell Transplantation is the most effective hair transplantation method that Hasci Italia offers. The explanation is straightforward. It enables you to:

This permanent solution has been scientifically proven by numerous experts. In the event of hair loss, the HST method naturally clones the hair in vivo without leaving a scar or causing pain.
The use of hair transplantation can increase hair density, implant hair in the eyebrow area, or restore hair after a severe burn.

The principles of hair transplantation using HST

Accurate results are achieved through the patent-protected HST method. The grafts taken are extremely tiny. A more dense hair transplant and a natural and long-lasting result can be achieved through this method. Dr. Coen Gho has developed an innovative technique for cloning hair in-vivo and multiplying hair.

This technique involves the surgeon removing part of the hair follicle from the donor area. In the recipient area, new hair is grown using a graft that contains stem cells.

The back of the head is free from scarring or bald spots after in-vivo hair cloning. This method has a patented preservation solution that promotes growth and enhances graft viability. The grafts are then implanted close together. A satisfying result can be achieved by achieving a high hair density and a beautiful, natural-looking hairline.

Advantages of in-vivo hair cloning

Alopecia and advanced baldness are not a problem for it, as it can treat a fairly large area. An HST transplant has permanent results.
No pain or discomfort is caused by it. Hair loss care or lifelong medication are not necessary. This approach does not have any effect on the patient’s health or hair growth.

The execution of this procedure is both precise and brief. There is no scarring after the procedure. Therefore, the outcome is entirely natural. After 12/14 months, the result becomes permanent and reaches its full potential. The regrowth of hair transplanted with HST is natural and permanent.

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