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Hair cloning in vivo and in vitro 

Hair cloning is the process of producing multiple hair follicles from one, which is used for hair restoration and hair multiplication. Many pioneering researchers and doctors influenced the development of hair multiplication. Dr. Coen Gho, a researcher at the Hair Science Institute, is a well-known person. ” Many experiments have been conducted in the past and in each of them notions have been found on how to regenerate the hair follicles of a hair. By cloning i, reproductive cells that generate new follicles are extracted from a used follicle and new hair follicles are produced and used for the restoration of male or female pattern baldness.

How does hair cloning work?

Hair multiplication, which is also called follicular unit cloning, is the technique of producing multiple follicular units using a single scalp hair. This takes place in the laboratory or in vivo (in the human body).

Two ways to realize hair reproduction

There are two types of hair reproduction:

  1. Hair clon in vivo
  2. Multiplying hair in vitro

With In Vivo, hair is removed lengthwise (all the way). The removed parts may develop within the scalp in both the donor and recipient areas. With In Vivo, the hair is removed in length (throughout its length). The removed parts may develop within the scalp in both the donor and recipient areas. With In Vivo, the hair is removed in length (throughout its length). The donor and receiver areas are where the removed parts can grow within the scalp, allowing the removed parts to regrowth within the scalp. Alternatively, in vitro, the stem cells from each follicle are taken, cultured outside the body and re-implanted for new hair to grow. The method of propagation of hair in vivo is the one used in the procedure of transplantation and restoration of hair HST, also known as hair stem cell transplant or PL FUT, namely follicular unit longitudinal partial transplant.

With in vitro capillary multiplication, hair follicle stem cells are extracted, and new follicles are produced outside the body. Hair Science Institute is a global leader in hair transplantation with over 25 years of experience in vivo cloning; The Hair Science Academy in Europe, the Middle East and Asia was founded by Hasci to develop the technology used in hair science clinics, through a research and development institute and the Hair Science Academy. Operating without hesitation and scientifically proven.

In the hair sciences clinic, a unique technique is used and studied within the research institute, for hair transplant. A patented and very effective technique, hair stem cell transplantation (HST) that provides extremely natural and sustainable results. This technique is scientifically proven and authorized by the world’s leading health agencies, including the U.S. FDA, and it is constantly refined. The Hair Science Institute conducts research and development studies within its own framework.
The research and development department is dedicated to discovering new hair restoration methods and improving the HST method. Our focus is on enhancing the efficiency of the stem cell transplant technique, ensuring that the surgical equipment used is of high quality and performance. Our team is committed to improving the relationship with the patient by perfecting the cordiality of the relationship.

Hair Science Clinics

The use of cellular stem cell cloning in vivo technique is a unique method employed by hair science clinics to carry out exceptional quality hair transplants. Our internal academy of hair sciences is where medical staff (doctors and technicians) are trained and certified.

Hair Science Academy trains and prepares with training courses and the highest level of training and education for doctors and technicians. They are certified and gradually qualified to practice the patented scientific technique HST. The Hair Science Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands is the place where all medical personnel worldwide, including doctors and technicians, are trained and certified. All doctors are authorized to practise and are registered with the medical association of the various countries where they operate. In our clinics, the “Hair Science Clinics” function only with native speakers who speak the language of their patients.

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